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Promoting Readmission Prevention with an Exceptional Tool

on 04/27/2016 7:52 AM

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As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) secures its annual review of payments as it relates to Quality, a key component, binding quality to reimbursement, is Readmission to a Hospital. For decades, the return to a hospital for a related or unrelated episode was just standard operating procedure, the unofficial battle cry of a nursing or rehab team could have been, "when in doubt, send them out." But as healthcare legislation has radically changed over the past few years, studies show that some of the greatest preventable expense to the Medicare and Medicaid system was readmission expenses after thirty days from an original discharge. PAMA "Protecting Access to Medicare Act" created penalties and rewards for providers (Hospitals and Nursing Centers) who maneuver their practices to help either protect the funds and maintain the quality of the Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries or fail to plan and anticipate the needs not quite known of the providers customers.

At Churchman Village in Newark, Delaware, we pride ourselves on a Double Platinum standard, where in we anticipate the known and unknown needs of our customers. And while our policies and practices continue to improve our outcomes to keep our customers safely in our centers during their therapeutic stay, we wanted to involve the most important part of the readmissions process: you. Therefore we have started providing to all our new and prospective customers and their families with a copy of "Go to the Hospital or Stay Here? A Decision Guide for Patients and Families." Written by Florida Atlantic University, this very easy to read brochure brings to light the benefits of remaining in our centers, utilizing our care to get you through a change in condition, from all points of view. By keeping our customers 100% involved, we are able to help with the anticipation of needs and expectations of possible changes. Our hospital and physician partners have shared their excitement about this tool and often cite our commitment to exceeding expectations when education on readmission concerns. Just another way, that we are leading the way to being a premier provider of exceptional service.

If you haven't received a copy of this exceptional tool, please see someone in our Admission's office and we will get a copy. We are always happy to share and educate all of our current and future customers so we can continue to enhance the life of each individual we touch by exceeding expectations through compassion and love.

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